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Stress Management and Resilience Training:

Resilience looks different to each of us because it is based around two very important factors: a person’s ability to adapt to circumstances (stress management) and their core values. Your ability to handle stress depends on how able you are to adapt to the circumstances in which you find yourself, not on the severity of the situation itself. It’s about how you manage stress, how good you are at problem solving when you feel under pressure, and the tools that you use to cope. Resilience is also built upon understanding deeply held beliefs. There is no one-size-fits-all. You are a one off, and so your resilience is to be found in values and strengths that are unique to you.

Together we will look at all the factors that affect you when you are stressed and figure out what resilience looks like for you. Then we build your resilience and your confidence until you feel stronger, more capable, and happier in the world.

Confidence-Boosting and Assertiveness Training

Anxiety can really impact on our self-efficacy and our energy, whether it is health anxiety or social anxiety after the pandemic and lockdowns, panic attacks, death anxiety, a phobia or a general sense of anxiety that doesn’t seem to go away.

I work with a person-centred cognitive behavioural approach to anxiety and depression supported by relaxation training and hypnotherapy, bringing together the ways in which thoughts, feelings and actions interact to affect our lives. This means that we work together collaboratively to find approaches that feel right to you, helping you to reduce anxiety, and become more comfortable being an assertive and confident You.

 If you have experienced trauma in childhood, sometimes it can be hard to find a practitioner who understands the ways in which this affects your life. Developmental trauma changes the brain and the body – it changes the way a person navigates life. Here you will find an understanding of developmental trauma and CPTSD, and how it can influence your sense of self and how you feel in the world.

Voice and Presentation Coaching

Our voice is a part of who we are in the world and how we present ourselves – it often reveals how we feel about ourselves. Many of us don’t feel as confident as we would like about how we sound or appear – this can be an issue in daily life or at work, whether making presentations, teaching or as a professional performer. I work with you to improve your confidence and build your resilience and ability to cope with performance anxiety or stress while understanding the mechanisms of the voice and technical issues you face as a presenter or performer.

Grief Counselling:

I’m so sorry if you are here because you are grieving. You have come to the right place.

We cannot simply push grief away and hope it will lessen and there are no stages to follow. We can learn to walk with grief, reconcile with it and build resilience so that we can once again find enjoyment in life.

Some people also experience important non-death losses, and often suffering can come from losses that we have experienced that maybe we didn’t recognise or give time to. Sometimes we think that we are ‘over’ a loss, but then realise that maybe we aren’t as it’s affecting our lives. Sometimes grief can be in anticipation of a loss that we know is coming.

Our losses and griefs affect the way that we cope. Whether you are experiencing grief as the result of a death or any other significant loss, time alone does not always heal. Time plus attention heals grief. If grief is affecting your daily life then it’s time to do some work together. Here you can encounter your grief in a safe environment with someone who can understand and support you.

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